Life seems to have dashed by in the last few weeks but in the interim two family babies have arrived so it’s welcome to Miles Edward and Toby James. 

Meanwhile, life in Orkney has been busy and tiring but we’ve been enjoying the sunshine which has been great. Emilie has been coming on a pace too and is enjoying sitting up and playing with her toys which has made her very pleased with herself. She is such a good girl who happily occupies herself for ages with a label or a stacking pot.

When the weather was particularly amazing a couple of weeks ago we took Emilie out in the backpack to “take the air”! 

The weather has had a cracking effect on the veg which are all coming up and haven’t even been nibbled by peter rabbit yet. 

All these things are below and you can see how much Emilie is growing. She is enjoying reading the Gruffalo as you can see and is developing her cheeky smile. She now has a bouncer which she completely loves and is forever dancing around on tippie toes. 

There has also been a strange event happening in Orkney recently where we’ve all been growing bubbles. it’s quite the thing to help your hair when you clean!

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