Whoops! how did that happen?  It’s been so long since we posted and Emilie is practically at school. Sorry about that.  A quick low down has been mum and dad visited us in April 2009. We had a great time together and lots of cuddles with Emilie. We also all went out to North Ronaldsay to celebrate Mrs H’s birthday. North Ron is renowned for its sheep that live on the sea shore and eat seaweed and also its lighthouse that we all went up.    Images can be seen in the gallery under grandma and grandad’s visit.    Here is a lovely family shot to be going on with. 

mum and dad and miriam and emilie





After Mum and Dad left, Michael went over to the mainland for a chocolate run to Durness with the Boys. Here he is leaving on the back of Ian’s bike. They had a great day out. 


  and away we go.


You can see that Emilie has been busy growing. she is loving sitting in her doughnut now and food is taken on with great relish. Here are some of the most recent shots including some with her most recent pressie from Grandma, some stacking pots. she loves them. Thank you .

  We have also invested in a back pack. You can see Fiona and I getting battered by the wind on Skaill beach a couple of weeks ago      Our latest event has been going to Eday this weekend to Naomi and Russell’s wedding. Again there is a whole gallery but here are some photos of the day and of Emilie and Dorothy. Dorothy came out just 10 days before Emilie. They had a lovely time together. It was really windy on the wedding day but fabulously sunny. Naomi and Russell had decorated the byre and we had a super doo there in the evening. Michael and I had taken a chocolate fountain but sadly too much draught meant the chocolate ceased flowing. only after the children had had a really good dip though.


Ok, so check out: 

Naomi and Russell’s wedding, Grandma and Grandad’s visit and Emilie 3-6 months

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