Finally Emilie is happy to be on her tummy! most probably because everything is fascinating now and she can pick up and hold thing for ages. Here she is playing with her lovely soft cuddly doo doo that my cousin Pam gave her.  She is sporting olive oil which gives her quite the slicked back look. She likes Dad’s face too. 

Emilie is also happy in her bumbo now and will sit with us at the table and also watch me cook quite happily. She continues to be chirpy and has a new curlew like sound in her register that she practised all through church on Sunday. Well done that singing girl!

A whole new world has been opened up for me with the new camera. It is never far from my side and I think Emilie must think that mum has grown a whole new dalek  feature. Here are some shots of our house and the rhubarb which is coming on nicely! and the Hamnavoe coming into Stromness.

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