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A taste of things to come…..

Saturday, April 11th, 2009

True in many senses today and yesterday.. initially we had the most beautiful sunset followed by a spectacular day today.. maybe a taste of the summer to come.. we hope so.. it spurred me on to give the grass its first cut and get all the washing out.. 

This however is small potatoes when followed by Emilie Fiona having her first solid meal today.. She yummed up her avocado and took to eating off a spoon with NO problems at all.. She was VERY pleased with herself.. Photos courtesy of Dad… Well done Michael . 

We’ve got it all wrapped up

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Emilie loves her bath towel! here is the latest peek a boo photo



peek a boo - I see you

peek a boo - I see you

An exciting day- we’re in the money

Friday, April 10th, 2009

Well not US as a family , … but I heard today that Stromness has been awarded the £1.44 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund for the Townscape heritage Initiative. This may not mean much, but it is what I’ve been working on for the past two years and caused considerable stress at 8 months pregnant! It’s cracking news for Stromness and makes all those sleepless nights worthwhile. 

We just need to bag the rest of the money now as the scheme will cost about £4million but the good news is most of that is committed now. 

I hope now to fulfill my cunning plan to work in Stomness and bag one of the jobs on the scheme so I can work down the road but there may be some tough competition. we shall have to see…..

A whole new world.

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Finally Emilie is happy to be on her tummy! most probably because everything is fascinating now and she can pick up and hold thing for ages. Here she is playing with her lovely soft cuddly doo doo that my cousin Pam gave her.  She is sporting olive oil which gives her quite the slicked back look. She likes Dad’s face too. 

Emilie is also happy in her bumbo now and will sit with us at the table and also watch me cook quite happily. She continues to be chirpy and has a new curlew like sound in her register that she practised all through church on Sunday. Well done that singing girl!

A whole new world has been opened up for me with the new camera. It is never far from my side and I think Emilie must think that mum has grown a whole new dalek  feature. Here are some shots of our house and the rhubarb which is coming on nicely! and the Hamnavoe coming into Stromness.

I’ve been canonised!

Friday, April 3rd, 2009

An exciting day indeed. I have a new Canon 350d courtesy of Ebay which Michael, Michael’s mum and dad and Gran gave me for my birthday. We’ve been longing to get a good camera in the house so will be delighted to be taking shots of the wonderful landscape in Orkney. 


Emilie and I have been out in the garden putting in some snowdrops we were given from freecycle (what a wonderful site!) .  

You can see that the Orkney Landscape looks a lot like Emilie!